Speed Limit Info Retrofit

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BMW Speed Limit Info Activation


BMW Speed Limit Info will display the speed limit of road, on the speedometer. It will automatically update and display the correct road speed when you drive, to ensure you are aware of the speed limit of the road. SLI uses your car’s KAFAS2 or KAFAS4 camera to smartly scan and read the road sign ahead and display the speed limit.


To make this work, you need to have a KAFAS2 or KAFAS4 camera in front of your car. You can send us your VIN number, if unsure. 

Find out how SLI works – Watch video


This is can only be activated if you have the KAFAS2 / KAFAS4 cameras at the front of your car.

G30 – 5 Series Saloon
G31 – 5 Series Estate
G11– 7 Series Saloon
G12 – 7 Series Long-wheelbase Saloon

F Series – Only cars with KAFAS2 Camera!



  • Windows Laptop – 
  • ENET/OBD Cable – 
  • WiFi/Internet Connection – 
  • Remote Connection Software – TeamViewer.com