M Performance BMW Sport Display

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Sick of the boring orange gauges? This customization feature allows you to change the colors on your boost gauges. You will now have a silver gauge with a red line. It definitely makes it easier to see at a glance and definitely adds a cool factor. 

  • If you’re tired of staring at the speedometer when it’s dark and guessing whether you’ll be stopped for speeding or not, our M Performance Sports Display is exactly what you need. However, a change from a fully analog to a partially digital cluster makes a difference in many aspects of your driving. 
  • This BMW Sports Display consists of analog gauges with LED lights and digital displays in its lower half. During the day it is electroluminescent which enhances the overall look of the car’s dashboard. In other words, it feels classy and modern at the same time, and who doesn’t want that for their BMW?
  • This improvement also boosts the overview of the instrument panel at nights making it crisp and clear. So, a quick look at the dash will give all the specs you need to keep track of during driving.