iDrive 4 EVO to iDrive 6 Flash / Coding Package

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For vehicles equipped with iDrive 4 EVO (2016 F3X / F8X) we offer a solution that will flash your headunit to iDrive 6 and get pre coded with Apple CarPlay fullscreen, Android Screen Mirroring, Video in Motion and more. 


You will remove the headunit and ship it to us . Once we receive the headunit our team will flash the headunit to support iDrive 5/6 and than precode each unit with Lifetime Fullscreen Apple Carplay , Android Screen Mirroring , Video in Motion, Sirius XM and more all free of charge and we will ship it back Same Day received . You will be able to use Waze and Google/Apple Maps and enjoy all of the other great new features iDrive 5/6 offers.

*Disclaimer: The only catch to this is you won’t be able to use OEM Navigation, but as long as you don't use the OEM navigation it’s not an issue. If you use OEM Navigation the headunit will power off and reboot after about 20 minutes of use.  So if you never use OEM navigation like most bmw drivers looking to use Waze and Apple/Google maps this isn’t an issue. If you want us to disable the OEM navigation we can. You will maintain all other functions and features of iDrive.  *

Completely Plug and Play 🔌  Just install it back into your vehicle and enjoy!

Simple and seamless !

We ship back the same day we receive so usually a 5-6 day turn around (2-3 days to get here , 2-3 to get back.