Enhanced Bluetooth

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If you want to breathe new life into your favorite BMW, revitalizing its multimedia capabilities is the perfect step towards a better driving experience. Our Enhanced Bluetooth is a module that adds many new features to your iDrive system. Most importantly, your car will be equipped with BMW Bluetooth audio streaming thanks to the Enhanced Bluetooth feature. You’ll be able to stream music from your MP3 player or smartphone through the car’s stereo system.

  • What’s more, your iDrive will support the BMW Bluetooth pairing of two devices simultaneously. Listen to music from your passenger’s phone and receive calls from your own!
  • The Enhanced Bluetooth provides support for Apple white cable which gives much better BMW Bluetooth iPhone integration, your iPhone or iPod can be connected to your BMW. This lets you stream music with much better audio quality and, at the same time, charge the device.

Enhanced Bluetooth Features:

  • Bluetooth audio streaming from your mobile phone.
  • Control your song selection etc via the factory fitted iDrive.
  • At any given time, 2 mobile phones or Bluetooth audio players can be paired and active simultaneously
  • New Office menu in iDrive - View text messages from the mobile phone on the Control Display by selecting ‘Office’ from the menu.
  • View album covers on professional navigation vehicles.