CarPlay Full Screen Upgrade

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Do you dream of using Apple Maps on your car screen or listening to Spotify through the BMW speakers? All this is possible with BMW CarPlay and it is an original Apple system that lets you use your favorite iPhone apps on the iDrive display.

  • Our CarPlay Full-Screen Upgrade supports devices running iOS up to version 13. With the newest iOS, you can take advantage of Google Maps and Waze while navigating through the city. You'll be able to use the best features from both apps, like getting the quickest rerouting that will save you time (Waze), or using navigation even if you're offline (Google Maps).
  • With this upgrade you don’t need any cables; you wirelessly connect your iPhone to BMW CarPlay over WiFi. It’s also very easy to switch between the iDrive and CarPlay interfaces and operate both with the iDrive controller.
  • To check whether you will need to add a wireless antenna to use CarPlay, and find our whether or not your vehicle supports full-screen CarPlay, identify your vehicle by entering your VIN.