BMW Enet Cable

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This ENET Interface Cable (OBD to Ethernet) is required for coding, programming, updates, and performing diagnostics on F/G-Series BMWs. It is made using a high-quality CAT6 ethernet cable and a gold-plated RJ-45 connector. The cable is 5 feet in length. Ethernet users the international top super-six production lines, shielding interference, signal transmission intensity, really pure copper wire, green insulation, not comparable to other lines.

  • This Ethernet to OBD cable gives you control over the modules available in your BMW. Modules are the separate computer programs that run various aspects of your vehicle, from the physical function to the accessories and tools of your vehicle. With this cable and a diagnostic tool, you can choose to program a single module or hide multiple modules. This all works through the ENET data line and the E-SYS ICOM coding.
  • The Ethernet Cable is durable and suitable for professional use. It is abrasion-resistant with gold plating and a grounded and shielded RJ45 connector. It is flexible so that shifting around with your computer won’t damage the car’s connector. Pure copper, metal film resistors, and lead-free solder all mean that this cable will work for years to come. Once you start tinkering with the modules in your car, you’ll be keeping it.
  • Some cables limit you to just one type of software for your module exploration. Our OBD Interface cable works with many different software options, letting you take the approach to your vehicle that makes the most sense to you. This cable will work with any of them, giving you full access to your vehicle’s modules. Every BMW owner should have on hand.