Acoustic Lock Confirm for Lock/Unlock

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Acoustic Lock Confirmation – BMW USB Coding

Is your BMW iDrive screen feeling a little cramped? Then give everything a little more room with this widescreen display. Replaces the smaller factory BMW screen.  Activate Acoustic Lock Confirmation with our simple USB coding solution. This feature will make your car Beep when locking/unlocking so you have that peace of mind that you have definitely locked the car. It will also put a menu in your iDrive settings so you can enable/disable it.

  • BMWs may be made with performance in mind, but it's always responsible to keep a close eye on the speed limit when driving. Knowing the limit on each stretch of the road means you can be sure you're always driving safely, and helps you avoid any speeding fines.
  • This BMW screen upgrade is the perfect match for our CarPlay MMI Prime  making it easy to use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in full-screen. Get more space for your maps and messages, and more icons on your CarPlay home screen for quick navigation between apps.